Zemic BM6G


Stainless steel IP68/IP69k single point load cell

Suitable for platform, belt scales and othe Weighing devices

Maximum platform size 800 x 800mm (for 100 – 500 kg)
Maximum platform size 400 x 400mm (for 10 – 100kgSE)

10kg only available with PTB certificate D09-10.06 Revision 1 of C R60/2000 DE1-10.02

10kg, 20 kg, 50 kg also available with C4MR approval with PTB certificate D09-10.06 revision 1, C of C R60/2000 DE1-10.02 (Y=40000 Z=6000)

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Zemic BM6G Introduction

It can be said that the BM6G load cell is one of the masterpieces of the Zemic company, which, due to having most of the valid global standards, is the spotlight of manufacturers and craftsmen who care a lot about quality. The BM6G has a very good accuracy with a minimum verification Interval of 10,000 in the C3 business class.
The BM6G a single point load cell that is manufactured by the company and it is defined in the accuracy class (C3) and up to maximum platform size of 80 x 80 cm, there is no weight difference on the sides.
The material of this load cell is
stainless steel, and the connecting point of the strain gauges is fixed with a resistant and special glue, and the connection of all metal covers is by laser welding. This load cell has IP68 and IP69K degree of protection, which can work well even under water vapor pressure in addition to being submerged in water. BM6G load cell has ATEX standard, which can be used in explosive and hazardous environments.

Zemic BM6G Introduction RCS-Co


As mentioned, Zemic BM6G is a single point load cell and its installation mechanism is usually as follows:

Zemic BM6G Installation RCS-Co

Zemic BM6G Loading

Zemic BM6G Loading RCS-Co


Various Single-point Scales Application of Loadcell - RCS-Co

Various types of single-point scales such as store and retail scales, piece counting scales, postal scales, airport scales, household scales, medical scales, laboratory scales, labeling scales, bar code reading scales and industrial scales.

Single-point belt scales RCS-Co

Various types of single point belt scales such as conveyor belt weighing, roller weighing and production line controller weighing.

Packaging filling machine scales - RCS_Co
Weighing types of packing and filling machines.
Food and Chemical Industries Hopper Application of Loadcell - RCS-Co

Various types of Hopper weighing for food and chemical industries

Zemic BM6G Dimensions (mm)

Zemic BM6G Dimensions 10-100 (SE) kg RCS-Co
Zemic BM6G Dimensions 100-50 kg RCS-Co


6-Wire-Load Cell Wiring RCS-Co

Zemic BM6G Standards

OIML Standard RCS-Co
ATEX Standard RCS-Co
NTEP Standard RCS-Co
FM Standard RCS-Co
CE Standard RCS-Co
PCT Standard RCS-Co
RoHS Standard RCS-Co
IP68 Standard RCS-Co
IP69k Standard RCS-Co

Additional information




Single point

Element Material

Stainless Steel

IP (Ingress Protection)

IP68, IP69k


10 kg, 100 kg, 150 kg, 20 kg, 200 kg, 250 kg, 300 kg, 400 kg, 50 kg, 500 kg, 75 kg

Accuracy Class

C3, C4, C5

Maximum Intervals

3000, 4000, 5000

Minimum Verification Interval

10000, 15000, 20000

Output Sensitivity

2.0 ± 0.2

Zero Balance


Input Resistance

10-75kg: 380 ± 15 & 100-500kg: 350 ± 3.5

Output Resistance

350 ± 10

Excitation Voltage

5 ~ 12

Compensated Temperature

-10 ~ + 40

Safe Overload


Ultimate Overload


Dimensions (mm)

150 x 25 x 40 (for 10 – 100 SE kg) / 174 x 45 x 64 (for 100 – 500 kg)

Maximum platform size

800×800 (for 100 – 500kg) & 400×400 (for 10 – 100kgSE)

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Zemic BM6G Datasheet


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