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Introduction to RCS

The uncertainty and accuracy of measurement has always been a problem for humans from ancient times to modern times and will continue to be a problem in the future. However, science and technology
are advancing, and the accuracy of measurement is improving. In fact, the more precise the solution, the more expensive it will be. So, what is the optimal design with sufficient accuracy for our requirements?

With over two decades of experience in the design and supply of various systems for weight ,force ,and torque measurement, RCS control systems LLC can assist you in selecting the right match sensors and load cells for your projects. Whether you are a manufacturer of scale and weighbridge systems, weighing tanks and silos, or weighing forces in lifts and cranes, RCS-Co can provide you with innovative solutions.

RCS-Co field of activities

RCS-Co also distribute superior brands in sensors and loadcells to give you the freedom to choose your favorite brand.
RCS-Co guarantees that all products are free from any factory defects.
RCS-Co is your trusted and available consultant for all your projects.


What We Do

1- Implementing Weighing systems
2- Supplying Loadcells & Indicators
3- Milking Machine Systems
4- Water & Weather Systems


We may solve your problems with precise methods.

RCS-Co Vision


Becoming online leading player of weighing solutions for measurement challanges


1- Providing support in shortest time
2- Training professional technical team
3- Establishing end to end infrastructure for product to service


1- Providing cutting edge technology in our services
2- Importance of Technical support for our customers
3- Customer centricity


1- Sales
2- Accounts
3- Services

RCS-Co Services including Installation, Calibration, Automation, Testing, Training and Maintenance


1- Installation
2- Calibration
3- Testing
4- Training
5- Maintenance