Shear Beam - Bending

Shear Beam – Bending, both play crucial roles in converting applied force into a measurable electrical signal, ensuring accuracy and efficiency across countless applications.




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Shear Beam Load Cells:

  • Industrial Scales and Conveyor Systems: Their compact size and ability to handle off-center loads make them ideal for platform scales, conveyor belt weighing systems, and force measurement in production lines.
  • Force Measurement in Automation: Shear beam cells are well-suited for automated systems where precise force control is essential, such as robotic applications or assembly lines.
  • Structural Monitoring: They can be strategically placed on beams or supports in bridges and buildings to monitor stress and strain under load.


Bending Beam Load Cells (Beam Load Cells):

  • Floor Scales and Weighbridges: Their robust design and ability to handle high capacities make them the go-to choice for heavy-duty weighing applications like truck scales and industrial floor scales.
  • Tank and Silo Weighing: Bending beam cells can be mounted beneath tanks or silos to monitor their weight and ensure proper filling levels.
  • Agricultural Weighing: Their versatility allows them to be used in applications like weighing livestock, feed hoppers, and agricultural machinery.