Single Point - Platform

Single-point load cells, also known as platform load cells, are the workhorses of the weighing world. These versatile sensors excel in applications where weight needs to be measured from a single point of contact.

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  • Weighing Platforms and Scales: From bench scales in laboratories to floor scales in warehouses, single-point load cells form the core of these weighing systems. Their compact size allows for a low-profile platform design, ideal for various industrial and commercial settings.
  • Force Measurement in Production Lines: Single-point load cells can be strategically placed in production lines to monitor tension in conveyor belts, measure the force exerted by presses, or ensure consistent filling of containers. This ensures product quality control and efficient production processes.
  • Tank and Silo Weighing: Single-point load cells can be mounted beneath tanks or silos to monitor their weight This allows for real-time inventory control and prevents overfilling or underfilling of materials.
  • Medical Applications: Single-point load cells contribute to patient care precision by measuring force in medical devices like dental chairs or specialized weight-bearing equipment.

This straightforward process allows for highly accurate weight measurement as long as the force is applied directly to the center of the load cell.

Single-point load cells are the perfect choice for applications requiring weight measurement from a single point of contact and with a centered load. Their compact size, ease of installation, and affordability make them a popular choice across various industries. However, for applications with off-center loading or those requiring multi-directional force measurement, other load cell designs might be better suited.