Zemic BM8G


Stainless steel IP68 shear beam load cell

Hermetically sealed

Robust and wide mounting surface

Suitable for harsh environment

Current calibrated (SC-option)

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Zemic BM8G Introduction

Zemic BM8G is one of the quality and well-made but relatively expensive load cells that are used in many industries for high sensitivity weighing. This load cell with a minimum verification interval of 10,000 in class C3 has very good accuracy, and due to its design, there is no need for a base under the load cell during loading.
BM8G is a bending beam load cell. The maximum output of these load cells (Full Scale Output) is set by the manufacturing company in such a way that they have very little difference with each other, and in multi-load cell weighing systems, edge-balancing of this type of load cell can be done easily by means of a junction box. The material of this load cell is stainless steel and has IP68 degree of protection.

Zemic BM8G Introduction-1 RCS-Co
Zemic BM8G Introduction-2 RCS-Co
Zemic BM8G Introduction-3 RCS-Co
Zemic BM8G Introduction-4 RCS-Co


There are many installation methods for Zemic BM8G load cell, the most common way is as follows:

Zemic BM8G Installation RCS-Co

Zemic BM8G Loading

Zemic BM8G Loading RCS-Co


Platform Scales Application of Loadcell - RCS-Co

Various types of multi-base scales and bascules, such as fixed and mobile floor scales, industrial scales, airport scales, medical scales, and animal scales

Belt Scales Application RCS-Co

Types of multi-base conveyor weighing, such as conveyor belt weighing, roller weighing, and production line controller weighing

Overhead Track Scales Application RCS-co

Various types of ceiling weighing, such as fixed and mobile ceiling crane weighing, elevator and hoist weighing, slaughterhouse and slaughterhouse ceiling weighing, and medical equipment ceiling weighing.

Tank and Silo Weighing Application of Loadcell - RCS-Co

Various types of weighing silos and tanks

Pallet scales RCS-Co

Various types of weighing pallets and forklifts

Batching Blending Mixing Scales Application RCS-co

Various types of weighing batching and mixers for asphalt factories, concrete factories, food industries, pharmaceutical industries and petrochemical industries

Zemic BM8G Dimensions (mm)

Zemic BM8G Dimensions Side and top View RCS-Co
Zemic BM8G Dimensions Isometric View RCS-Co


4-wire Load Cell Wiring RCS-Co

Zemic BM8G Standards

OIML Standard RCS-Co
NTEP Standard RCS-Co
FM Standard RCS-Co
CE Standard RCS-Co
IP68 Standard RCS-Co

Additional information





Element Material

Stainless Steel

IP (Ingress Protection)



0.5 t, 1 t, 10 t, 2 t, 5 t, 7.5 t

Accuracy Class

C3, C4

Maximum Intervals

3000, 4000

Minimum Verification Interval

10000, 15000

Output Sensitivity

2.0 ± 0.004

Zero Balance


Input Resistance

350 ± 3.5

Output Resistance

350 ± 3.5

Excitation Voltage

5 ~ 15

Compensated Temperature

-10 ~ + 40

Safe Overload


Ultimate Overload


Dimensions (mm)

203.2 / 234.95 x 36.48 / 47.36 / 55 x 47.63 / 69.85

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Zemic BM8G Datasheet


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