WE900 Weather Station (4-20mA)

The weather station is designed for easy integration with existing systems thanks to its 4-20mA sensors. These sensors communicate directly with any SCADA, PLC, or RTU system that accepts a 4-20mA input.


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WE900 Weather Station (4-20mA)

WE900 Global Water Weather Station
Easy to Use, Built to Last

The WE900 is an affordable weather station equipped with high-quality, industrial-grade sensors for reliable monitoring, alarms, and data reporting. All critical components (Wind Direction, Wind Speed, Humidity, and Temperature) are encased in marine-grade epoxy for complete protection against harsh environments, ensuring long-term operation.

Standard Weather Sensors and Mounting Hardware:

WE550 Wind Speed Sensor
WE570 Wind Direction Sensor
WE700 Temperature Sensor
WE600 Humidity Sensor
WE770 Solar Shield (protects Temperature and Humidity sensors)
WE820 Mounting Frame (stainless steel, 6ft tall, 3ft wide crossbar)
Junction Box
Optional Add-on Sensors:

WE100 Barometric Pressure Sensor
WE300 Solar Radiation Sensor
WL400 Water Level Sensor
EP180 Evaporation Pan
RG200 Rain Gauge (6-inch, tipping bucket)
RG600 Rain Gauge (8-inch, tipping bucket)
WE830 Mounting Tripod
Durable Design for Any Location

The WE900 comes fully assembled on a sturdy stainless steel frame, designed for easy mounting on existing bases or the optional WE830 tripod. The ventilated WE770 Solar Shield minimizes heat absorption and ensures accurate temperature and humidity readings.


The WE900 is a versatile and cost-effective solution for various weather monitoring needs, including:

Environmental Studies
Reclamation Projects
Wastewater Facilities
Water Budget Analysis
Water Conservation

Simple Installation:

Proper sensor placement is crucial for accurate data. Wind sensors, for example, should be positioned away from buildings to avoid wind turbulence. The Solar Radiation Sensor requires direct sunlight and a level surface (mounting hardware included).

Easy Sensor Integration:

The Wind Direction and Speed sensors come with a T-mounting bar and allen wrench for simple installation. Individual wind sensors and the Solar Radiation sensor include elbow couplers and an allen wrench for easy setup. The Solar Shield can be used for both protection and mounting the Temperature and Humidity sensors. The Barometric Pressure sensor offers flexible mounting options, including placement inside a datalogger or on a handheld display.

Additional Sensor Options (with Part Numbers):

WE100 Barometric Pressure Sensor (EA0000)
WE300 Solar Radiation Sensor with Mounting Hardware (EB0000)
WE710 Flat Surface Temperature Sensor (EFA000)
EP180 Evaporation Pan (EN0000)
RG200 Rain Gauge 6-inch, Tipping Bucket (EJ0000)
RG600 Rain Gauge 8-inch, Tipping Bucket (EK0000)
WE830 Mounting Tripod (EI0000)

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