WE800 Weather Station Data Logger


Global Water Weather Stations: These robust and cost-effective systems are designed for a wide range of meteorological applications. They find utility in various weather monitoring scenarios, including:

Environmental Studies
Wastewater Facilities
Water Budget Analysis
Water Conservation

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WE800 Weather Station Data Logger



This weather station is a complete package for monitoring weather conditions. Here’s what makes it stand out:

Easy to use and affordable:
Get reliable data without complex setup or high costs. Rugged and dependable: Industrial-grade sensors ensure accurate measurements in any environment. Long-lasting performance: The data logger operates for months on its rechargeable battery and can be continuously powered with solar panels (sold separately).

User-friendly software: 
The included Windows software allows for real-time monitoring, data retrieval, and easy export for further analysis.

Durable sensors:
 Wind speed, wind direction, temperature, and humidity sensors are protected with marine-grade epoxy for extended life.

Included Sensors:
WE550 Wind Speed Sensor
WE570 Wind Direction Sensor
WE700 Temperature Sensor
WE600 Humidity Sensor
WE770 Solar Shield (protects temperature and humidity sensors from sunlight)
WE820 Mounting Frame (stainless steel, for secure installation)
Optional Sensors (expand your monitoring capabilities):
Barometric pressure
Solar radiation
Surface temperature
Water level
Evaporation pan
Rain gauge (different sizes available)
Smart charger
Solar panels (various capacities)
Mounting tripod

Data Logging and Software:
GL500 Data Logger: This durable unit stores weather data and features a real-time clock.
Data access: Easily view data on the real-time screen or download it for further analysis. You can calculate maximums, minimums, and averages using standard spreadsheet software.

Global Water Software:
This user-friendly software allows for real-time data monitoring, setting recording intervals, and sensor calibration. Downloaded data can be exported for graphing and further analysis in any spreadsheet program. The software is compatible with Windows 95 or later.

Easy Installation:
The weather station comes fully assembled on a sturdy stainless steel frame.
You can mount it on an existing base or use the optional WE830 tripod for easy upright installation.

Power Options:
The data logger comes with a rechargeable battery for remote applications.
For continuous operation, connect solar panels (sold separately).

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