SDI-12 Rain Gauge

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SDI-12 Rain Gauge

Introducing the SDI-12 Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge (H-3401): Accurate Rain Measurement for Everyone

The SDI-12 Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge (H-3401) is a user-friendly rain gauge that delivers precise rainfall data. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, the H-3401’s innovative features ensure reliable measurements.

Automatic Error Correction: A built-in microprocessor automatically corrects for errors, guaranteeing accurate data.

High-Precision Measurements
: The magnetic reed bucket tip sensor and internal leveling mechanism with a bulls-eye level ensure exceptional accuracy in every measurement.

Multiple Resolution Options
: Choose from a range of resolutions (.01 in., 0.1 mm, and 0.2 mm) to best suit your specific needs.

SDI-12 Output Data Parameters:

The H-3401 provides detailed SDI-12 output data, including:
Accumulated rainfall since the last measurement
Raw bucket count since the last measurement
Total rainfall accumulation
Total daily rainfall accumulation (for today)
Total daily rainfall accumulation (for yesterday)

Additional information


Screw Clamp

Operating Temperature

Electronic: -40 ° to +60 ° C; Mechanical: 0 ° to +50 ° C


Voltage Input 10.0 to 16.0 volts

Storage Temperature

-50 ° to +70 ° C

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