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Maximize Efficiency and Milk Quality with AristoSimpo

The AristoSimpo milking control unit is a high-tech, yet affordable solution for modern dairy farms. It simplifies the milking process for a wide range of livestock, including cows, goats, and sheep.

Designed for All Farms

Whether you run a small family farm or a large-scale operation, AristoSimpo caters to your needs. This user-friendly system ensures a smooth milking experience for both you and your animals.
Gentle on Your Livestock, Profitable for YouWe understand that your animals are your livelihood. That’s why AristoSimpo prioritizes gentle milking practices. The electronic control board safeguards animal well-being and milk quality throughout the milking process.

Simple Operation, Clear Feedback

The AristoSimpo control panel features three intuitive keys:

Start/Stop: This key allows for easy control of the milking process.
Mode Selection: Choose between manual/automatic milking, rinsing, or stimulation based on your needs.
Restart/Stimulation Time: Restart the milking process or adjust stimulation time for optimal milk flow.

For clear visual feedback, the control panel utilizes three LEDs:
Red: Indicates separator activation
Yellow: Signals milk flow
Green: Provides pulsation status

Stronger opening: Focuses on the benefits for the farmer (efficiency, profitability).
Clearer value proposition: Highlights affordability and wide range of compatibility.
Animal focus: Emphasizes gentle milking practices.
Simplified function explanation: Uses plain language for key and LED descriptions.

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