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Achieve Gentle and Efficient Milking with AristoVac Vacuum Pumps

Maintaining a consistent vacuum is crucial for gentle yet economical milking. iGol’s AristoVac vacuum pumps excel in this area. Even with sudden air intake, these pumps automatically maintain the optimal vacuum level. Large vacuum reserves ensure uninterrupted milking, especially important for consistent udder health. Oil-lubricated AristoVac pumps guarantee a smooth and steady vacuum, minimizing stress on cows.

Benefits of AristoVac Vacuum Pumps:

Proven Technology: Years of experience ensure reliable pump design and production.
Guaranteed Quality: Each pump undergoes rigorous performance checks before delivery.
Long Lifespan: Continuous lubrication with fresh oil extends pump life.
Cost-Effective Operation: Specially designed outlets maximize air discharge per kilowatt, reducing energy consumption.
Minimal Maintenance: Drip-feed lubrication automatically stops when the pump is off, minimizing maintenance needs.
Quiet Operation: The single-piece rotor design ensures quieter operation for a more relaxed milking environment.
Gentle Milking: Maintains stable, low vacuum for gentle milking while providing high turbulence during rinsing for thorough cleaning.


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