ProDSS ODO Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor


ProDSS Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

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ProDSS ODO Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

The YSI ProDSS ODO Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor stands out as a revolutionary handheld instrument designed for water quality professionals. It excels in both spot sampling and profiling, making it a reliable companion for diverse field applications. This document delves into the core features of the ProDSS, highlighting its user-replaceable smart sensors, versatile cable design, and the resulting benefits for water quality monitoring.

User-Empowering Smart Sensors:
The heart of the ProDSS lies in its innovative titanium user-replaceable digital smart sensors. These robust sensors offer a multitude of advantages:

Unmatched Convenience: The user-replaceable design empowers you to effortlessly swap sensors in the field. This eliminates the need to return the entire instrument for sensor changes, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.
Automatic Recognition: The ProDSS seamlessly recognizes each connected sensor. Calibration data is intrinsically stored within the sensor itself, eliminating the need for manual configuration. This translates to faster deployment and reduced potential for errors.

Enhanced Durability
: The sensors are constructed from high-grade titanium, ensuring exceptional resilience against harsh field conditions. This translates to a longer lifespan for your sensors and reduced replacement costs.
Unparalleled Data Integrity: The in-sensor storage of calibration data guarantees the accuracy and reliability of your measurements. This fosters trust in your data and simplifies record-keeping.
The combination of user-replaceability, automatic recognition, and robust construction elevates the ProDSS to a new level of user-friendliness and data confidence.

Embracing Versatility: The Single Cable Design
Another cornerstone of the ProDSS is its ingenious single cable design. This design departs from traditional multi-cable systems, offering a host of benefits:

Universal Ports: The cable features four universal ports, each capable of accepting any of the available sensor options. This incredible versatility allows you to tailor the ProDSS to your specific needs. Whether you require measurements for dissolved oxygen, pH, conductivity, or a myriad of other parameters, the ProDSS adapts effortlessly.
Simplified Setup: The single cable design streamlines setup procedures. Gone are the days of wrestling with multiple cables and ensuring proper connections. The ProDSS promotes a smooth and efficient deployment process, saving you valuable time in the field.

Reduced Complexity
: The single cable minimizes clutter and potential connection issues. This streamlined design fosters a more manageable system, allowing you to focus on collecting crucial water quality data.
Depth Integration: The single cable design cleverly incorporates an optional depth sensor port. This enables you to seamlessly collect depth data alongside your other water quality measurements, providing a more comprehensive picture of your aquatic environment.
The single cable design with its universal ports and optional depth integration empowers you to configure the ProDSS to address the unique demands of your water quality monitoring tasks. This flexibility ensures the ProDSS remains a valuable tool throughout your evolving needs.

The Result: A Champion for Water Quality Monitoring
The synergy of user-replaceable smart sensors and the versatile single cable design elevates the ProDSS to a premier choice for water quality professionals. Here’s how these features translate into tangible benefits:

Reduced Downtime: The ability to swap sensors in the field minimizes downtime, allowing you to keep your projects on track.
Lower Cost of Ownership: User-replaceable sensors and the extended lifespan fostered by the robust design contribute to a lower overall cost of ownership.
Enhanced Efficiency: The streamlined setup process and intuitive design save you valuable time in the field, allowing you to collect more data with less effort.
Increased Data Confidence: Automatic sensor recognition and in-sensor calibration data storage ensure the accuracy and reliability of your measurements.
Unparalleled Versatility: The ability to customize the sensor configuration empowers you to tackle a wide range of water quality monitoring tasks.
By investing in the ProDSS, you gain a powerful and adaptable tool that simplifies your workflow, optimizes your resources, and ultimately empowers you to gather the most accurate and comprehensive water quality data possible.

In conclusion, the YSI ProDSS stands apart as a testament to innovative design. By prioritizing user-friendliness, versatility, and data integrity, the ProDSS empowers water quality professionals to excel in their field endeavors. Whether you’re conducting spot sampling in a lake or profiling a deep well, the ProDSS equips you with the tools and confidence to make informed decisions regarding our precious water resources.

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0 to 200%: ±1% of reading or 1% saturation, whichever is greater 200 to 500%: ±8% of reading 0 to 20 mg/L: ±0.1 mg/L or 1% of reading, whichever is greater 20 to 50 mg/L: ±8% of reading

Measurement Range

0 to 500%, 0 to 50 mg/L


0.01 mg/L and 0.1%, or 0.1 mg/L and 1% (user selectable)

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