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A recent study by Zemic suggests most load cells in use today are still analog, despite digital options offering advantages.


Solutions for weighing systems, dairy machines & automation systems, weather and water analysis & treatment

The uncertainty and accuracy of measurement has always been a problem for humans from ancient to modern times and will continue to be a problem in the future.
However, science and technology are advancing, and the accuracy of measurement is improving. In fact, the more precise the solution, the more expensive it will be.
What is the optimal design with sufficient accuracy for our requirements?

Our weighing solutions are designed for precision, performance, and durability. We utilize cutting-edge technologies and materials to ensure our products provide accurate weight measurements even in challenging environments.
Whether you require precision balances for laboratory applications, high-capacity floor scales for bulk material handling, or portable scales for on-site weighing, we have the solution to fit your exact requirements.

In RCS-Co we offer a wide range of milking solutions to help you to improve your dairy farm’s efficiency and productivity. Our milking systems are designed to be comfortable and safe for your cows, and they will help you get the most milk out of each cow.

In an era of resource scarcity, water conservation has become an imperative. Our comprehensive weather & water control systems solutions in RCS-Co empower you to optimize water utilization, ensuring a sustainable future for your operations.

Weighing Projects

In the manufacturing industry, ensuring product consistency and accuracy is paramount to maintaining brand reputation and consumer trust. For many products, precise filling is essential to deliver the desired product performance and experience. Load cells have emerged as a reliable and versatile solution for achieving consistent and accurate product filling in a wide range of industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and chemicals.

Traditional milking practices, while effective, often involve repetitive and labor-intensive tasks, demanding significant time and effort from farmers. This manual process, while necessary, can lead to fatigue, injuries, and reduced productivity. Moreover, it can disrupt the natural behavior of cows, sometimes causing stress and discomfort.
Enter the realm of Automation Milking Systems (AMS), where technology steps in to automate the milking process, transforming it into a seamless and efficient operation.

Weather and water sensors are indispensable tools for environmental monitoring, resource management, and safety. They provide crucial data that drives informed decision-making, enhances operational efficiency, and contributes to sustainable practices.
As our world becomes increasingly reliant on water and energy resources, the role of these sensors will grow at high importance. RCS-Co is proud to be reliable supplier of this technology, helping our clients protect the environment, safeguard communities, and ensure a sustainable future.


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