1. Automation & Control Engineering:

Food processing controls, Batching and mixing systems, Flow and heat control



2. Sensors:

Load cells, Temperature sensors, Humidity sensors, Weather stations, Pressure sensors, Proximity switches


3.Digital Weighing Systems & Automated weighing:

Silo weighing, Continuous weighing, Weight -bridges, Belt weighing




4.Material Storage and Handling Systems:

Point level monitoring & control, Continuous level monitoring and control, Humidity & temperature control, Material handling equipment, chain conveyors & elevators, Silo bin for wheat & corn, Silo aeration systems



We supply these products:



1.Vishay for automation solution & weighing systems:

Analog multiplexers, Analog switches, Test & measurements, Weighing systems and more . . .





2.HBM for Automation systems and special load cells :

Automation systems, special load cells and more . . .



3. Rice Lack Weighing Systems For weighing equipment: (Distributor)

Balances, Scales, Chek weighers, Crane Scales and more . . .



4.Global Water For water and weather data control: (Distributor)

Water Level, Water Flow, Water Samplers, Water Quality and more ...


5.Zemic Quality Loadcells (Distributor)




6.Heavy Duty Special Industrial Loadcells





7.Dairy product & Milking Machine Section





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