When change of product and process is necessary for improved product performance, flexible automation system is a must.
RCS is proud of its expertise to meet your needs for maintaining your product and quality on shape and providing advanced manufacturing automation solutions for high precision applications and emerging technologies.

We can help you with the following industrial needs:

1. Automation & Control Engineering:

Food & Beverage:

Control of weight, point level, pressure, temperature and humidity and precise monitoring is the main key for a successful food & beverage processing plant.


Pharmaceutical product manufacturers, facing stringent international quality regulations, rely heavily on batch-by-weight process control systems. Load cell based systems, with accuracy specifications, offer the highest precision and repeatability of any measurement technology available. They are non-intrusive and present no contamination risk to the end product.


Chemical processing applications typically have the most stringent regulations and requirements of any industry. Hazardous materials, explosive fumes and by products, and harsh, corrosive environments require meticulous system design. Intrusive technologies such as paddle wheel flow meters will not survive in chemical processing applications. Design criteria often necessitate electro polished and/or explosion proof process equipment.


Paper, film, and foil converting industries depend upon precise web tension measurement at all machine zones. For many converting companies, web tension measurement determines both the operating speed of the machine and, ultimately, product quality. Tension control systems also prevent web breaks that result in product rejection/scrap and expensive downtime.


The Metallurgy Industry places strict demands on its equipment. It has to withstand both high temperature and dusty, harsh environments. Unplanned downtimes are not tolerated so the equipment needs to be designed for un-interrupted performance while maintaining the accuracy and the repeatability as specified.


- Asphalt Batching Plants
- Crane instrumentation
- Building material testing Lab

2. Sensors:

- Load cells
- Force measurement
- Torque cells
- Pressure sensors
- Temperature sensors and transmitters
- Humidity sensors
- Weather station & weather quality equipments
- Water and surface water measuring and control systems
- Water quality systems
- And more . . .


3. Digital Weighing Systems & Automated weighing:

Process weighing

- Batching
- Pipe weighing
- Rolling Mill
- Conveyor weighing systems


- Crane overload control
- Crane weighing
- Cement belt weigher with automatic control
- Pressure control systems
- Continuous weighing systems
- Automated silo weighing and silo level control
- Weigh-bridge full critical weighing kits (for weighbridge makers)
- Scale and precision scale weighing kits


4. Material Storage and Handling Systems:

- Point level monitoring & control
- Continuous level monitoring and control
- Humidity & temperature control
- Material handling equipment blowers & elevators



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